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I get it.

Copywriting is hard because you don’t know what to say or isn’t easy putting into words what you want people to know about your product or service.

But it doesn’t have to be hard if you have someone who can it off your to do list, so you can concentrate on the things you love to do.

Lucky for you. I’m here to help.

Hi, I’m Amanda an Atlanta-based copywriter who helps beauty, health and wellness brands create copy that connects with their target audience.

If you’re ready to take your copy to the next level by increasing engagement and boosting sales, contact me.

Or if you’re not sure hiring a copywriter is right for you.

Whether you have a question about pricing or which copywriting service will help get you the results you want, I have answers.

So, how can you reach me?

First, complete the form below to contact me and tell me how I can help.  After that, I’ll respond to your message within 72 hours.

But the form isn’t the only to contact me. You can also reach me at

My business hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

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I look forward to connecting and learning more about your project.

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