I’m Amanda,
a beauty, health and wellness copywriter in Atlanta.

I’m a lifelong writer who has more than 15 years of experience as a journalist and copywriter. I write words to grow your brand so you don’t have to. I have developed successful email marketing campaigns for a variety of services. Ready to get to work?


Copywriting matters.

This is why I take my career as a copywriter seriously. Writing copy requires creativity, passion and patience. And when that copy is aimed at improving people’s lives, having these traits go a long way in inspiring people to take charge of their health. Writing for the beauty, health and wellness industry is what I do best.

My goal is to craft copy that engages, excites, informs, intrigues and motivates no matter the target audience. I deliver clear and concise copy that takes brands to the next level. Whether it’s writing copy for a welcome sequence, newsletter, product launch or any other email communication that requires the written word, I’ve got you covered.